Advanced ATS (Auto Transfusion System) Training

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The main goal of this training program is to offer participants advanced education on autotransfusion, mainly in cardiac surgery, but experiences in obstetric, oncological, vascular and orthopedic surgery will be shared as well.

Specific emphasis

is placed on blood management guidelines in low risk cardiac surgery through the
combination of proven techniques, such as blood suction separation and autotransfusion.


The training will also address the technique of plasma-sequestration or plateletpheresis performed with the XTRA Auto Transfusion System (ATS).

Platelets can be separated from whole blood either to improve post operative hemostasis when transfused systemically or to improve wound healing and reduce the risk of post operative wound infections in high risk patients when applied topically

During a hands on training all techniques will be addressed, with the possibility to customize the training and focus on ATS or platelet separation and/ or applications.