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Spectrum Medical’s Quantum Perfusion System is the center of the course and you have the opportunity to attend different levels of training according to your interests and needs.

What the course facilitates?

  • Familiarization with a flexible range of Quantum Perfusion Modules
  • Integrated Patient Safety Systems
  • Attending clinical procedures allowing you to safely use the system
  • Programming of the workstation.
  • Full explanation of the system: Work station, The ventilation box and Occluders
  • Familiarization Viper and/of Vision
  • Troubleshooting


In addition to face-to-face teaching, hands-on training is used in a wetlab that is tailored to the needs of the trainees.

Additionally, Heartbeat offers the possibility of providing simulation education. Heartbeat has two Califia perfusion simulators, equipment and procedure skills can be trained in an intensive manner.

All hands on training and simulation training is provided by one of our seven EuSim certified trainers. The Heartbeat training center itself is recently CEDEO accredited.

These trainings are on demand.